Combining Strength and Durability

Our wood-sided buildings are sided and trimmed with SmartSide®, designed and tested to withstand wood’s worst enemies:  termites, moisture and fungal decay.

SmartGuard® Protection

Each piece of engineered LP SmartSide Trim & Siding is fortified throughout the material with zinc borate to resist fungal decay and termites.  Since 1996, LP SmartSide strand products have been tested in Hilo, Hawaii.  Hilo’s climate is ideal for testing and evaluating fungal decay.  After over a decade of testing, that siding is still standing strong.


*This 5/50 year limited warranty provides a 5-year, 100% labor and replacement feature and a 50-year prorated warranty on the product.


Why choose SmartSide over Fiber Cement Board?

Sturdi-Bilt chooses SmartSide panels over fiber cement panels for the following reasons:


1. SmartSide has ship-lapped seams that easily seal to keep the building dry.  Fiber cement panels have a butt joint which requires caulking the joint.  This caulk tends to fail over time.


2. Fiber cement panels are brittle with a tendency to break.  This breakage shows up around the nails and screws used in construction leading to moisture running inside the panels after rains.


In summary, SmartSide panels are strong, but not brittle, and ship-lapped for water-tight sealing.  Additionally, the 50 year warranty matches the best in the industry.