Site Preparation

Considering Your Options

Foundational Choices

All portable Sturdi-Bilt Storage Barns and Gazebos come with treated foundation runners.  The typically flat and gently sloped yards of Kansas with well-established turf are satisfactory foundations for many homeowners needing basic lawn and garden tool storage.  This is especially true for smaller buildings up to 200 sq. ft.  Admittedly, the most enduring foundation for a storage building is composed of concrete.  STURDI-BILT delights to deliver to or build on a level, square concrete base.  The portable structure can be placed on the slab or the wood floor can be deleted and the building built on the site like a garage.  However, cost considerations cause some to favor a rock pad. Customers can elect to do the work or contract with a professional like Solid Ground Services.  In either event, we recommend removal of 3-4″ of sod, then filling back in with crushed limestone, making sure the entire area of limestone is level. It is recommended that the rock base be 12″ larger on all four sides and bounded by treated timbers.

Solid Ground Services


If you are considering installing a storage shed, keep in mind that any portable shed deserves to be supported by a firm foundation.  Let SOLID GROUND SERVICES help you solve your site preparation needs by professionally installing a crushed rock pad.


A raised, level rock pad helps drain water away, and greatly reduces uneven settling, while allowing for the proper (and often mandatory) anchoring of your shed.  While not highly visible, a solid pad is a key ingredient to satisfying your long-term expectations for a storage building.

Solid Ground Services
Solid Ground Services

Once the location of the site is determined, a laser level is used to help establish a level grade. The pad is 12 inches larger than the building on all four sides to help keep mowing equipment away from your building.


A layer of topsoil is removed using a skid loader, and treated 4×4 timbers are anchored around the perimeter. Next, the bed is filled with four inches of crushed limestone, then smoothed and packed – ready for your new building.

Corners and splices of the timbers are reinforced with galvanized metal brackets and fasteners.
Solid Ground Services
A packer helps solidify and smooth the rock.
Solid Ground Services

Warning:  We will do our best to minimize tracking, but in soft or irrigated yards some tracks are inevitable. It is recommended that irrigation be turned off for a week ahead of excavation.  Additionally, the homeowner should be prepared to level, pack, or reseed the lawn as needed.