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Wood, Steel & Metal Garages and Workshops – Assembled on Site!

At STURDI-BILT, we understand the importance of designing high quality buildings that are as attractive as they are functional.  That’s why we’ve spent over four decades combining careful craftsmanship with durable materials to bring you the kind of custom designed buildings you want to enhance your site and protect your investments.

Panel Sided Garage Installed in Kansas

Panel-sided Garage

Practical and affordable, the wood Panel-sided Garage is our sales leader.  Standard home-style construction and 12″ roof overhangs with soffits coordinate with most residences.  Walls, built on concrete by others, come in standard 8′, 9′, 10′, and 12′ heights with wall studs spaced on 16″ centers and fifty-year LP siding.  Roof trusses engineered to withstand the loads of winter’s snow and wind are spaced 24″ OC.  Twenty-five year fiberglass shingles and fifteen year acrylic satin latex paint finish the exterior.



Lap-Sided Garage For Sale in Kansas

Lap-sided Garage

This Sturdi-Bilt Garage has the natural look of cedar without the cost.  One of the most durable lap siding options on the market today, LP’s 8″ wood lap siding is installed over 7/16″ OSB boxing and housewrap.  Wall and roof framing specifications are the same as above.  Wall heights beginning at 8′ can be increased in 1′ increments.



Sturdi-Bilt Installs Metal & Steel Garages on Site

Steel-sided Garage

This building epitomizes both the strength and versatility of Sturdi-Bilt buildings.  Utilizing 2×6 wall studs on 24″ centers, engineered roof trusses 24″OC, and 2×4 girts and purlins, this building has more structural wood – and strength – than many buildings on the market today.  This stud-frame building is easily insulated, wired, and lined with your choice of interior wall covering, making it very versatile and user-friendly.  Additionally, the exterior use of durable, vertical steel siding and roofing helps keep your maintenance bills down.



Purchase Your Lap-Sided Garage from Sturdi-Bilt

Log-sided Garage

Log siding is used in home, cabin, and commercial construction making a beautiful design statement.  You can have the charm that logs offer and the flexibility and cost effectiveness of a traditional frame structure – all at the same time.